Since its foundation, APESEK GIRIMPUHWE has been in partnership, with: 

– Imbuto Foundation 
– HI: Handicap International/Rwanda
– UNICEF-Rwanda
– Netcom-Slovenia
– CNLS: National Commission on Fight against AIDS /Rwanda
– ADB: African Development Bank/Rwanda
– CARITAS Rwanda
– NPA: Norvegian People Aid/Rwanda
– UNDP/Rwanda
– Espoir de Partage Sans Frontière

Since 2006, UNICEF has been successfully collaborating with APESEK to provide basic services to OVC. Focus areas of the work of APESEK include:
(1) Identification and follow-up of OVC, especially child headed households (CHH) at community level using nkundabana approach (mentorship);
(2) support the access of OVC to quality basic social services (education, health care, protection and legal assistance);
(3) community sensitisation on children’s rights, protection of OVC and prevention of HIV, through nkundabana & peer education;
(4) child participation and involvement in project development and implementation;
(5) rehabilitation of CHH households;
(6) economic capacity strengthening, through provision of agricultural safety nets and income generating activities through micro credits; and
(7) advocacy for the protection of OVC and children’s rights with local authorities and donors.