A healthy life with a better environment for all Rwandan children.



To promote the well-being of the orphan children and other vulnerable children up to the same level of other self-reliant children.


The background of APESEK:

APESEK is a local NGO, founded in 2002 with the aim of taking care of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC).
Its objectives are:
– To protect and promote rights of orphans and others vulnerable children (OVC);
– Empowering orphans and other vulnerable with different skills related to income generating activities in order to fight against poverty and reduce economic dependency;
– To contribute to formal education and health issues of the orphans and other vulnerable children;
– To contribute to the Psycho-social support and reintegration of the orphans in the welcoming families;
– Create awareness on the dangers of HIV/AIDS and educate them about issues concerning reproductive health;
– To promote and develop a culture of peace and tolerance among orphans and other vulnerable children;
– To sensitize orphans and other vulnerable children to promote actions aimed at safeguarding the environment;
– To promote any action aimed at improving orphans and other vulnerable children’s welfare;
– To fight against all forms of violence and take care of victims of violence.

It is an implementing NGO, recognized by the Ministry of Justice and Certified by the Ministry of Administration and Local governance. The Head office is located at Kivumu in Rutsiro District, Western Province. However, it can extend its activities in all over the Rwandan territory, when decided by the general assembly. Founder and subscribing members constitute the effective members of the organization and have the same rights and obligations towards the organization.